Nescafe Stands


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Nescafe Stands

For a truly Senegalese coffee experience, be sure to visit one of the many Nescafe vendors sprinkled throughout the city. They sell sweetened coffee in tiny plastic cups for next to nothing, and can really be found just about anywhere. Linger for a chat with the vendor and the locals if you feel like it.


The coffee culture in Dakar has its quirks. There's nothing quite like buying a tiny plastic cup of extra sweetened coffee from a street vendor. But as the city has become ever more cosmopolitan and worldly, and as international influences have become more and more a part of life in the Senegalese capital, Western-style cafes have been popping up throughout the city. Below are some suggestions for those wanting to escape the hustle of the city to enjoy a hot coffee, a quick snack, or a creamy dessert.